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To the students, the professionals
- The Doers

You know exactly what your career path should be. You are already doing the best you can to get trained and stay current but the opportunities to flex your muscles are hard to come by. Students cannot get placed because of lack of experience. Professionals looking to broaden their skillset, cannot leverage past, unrelated experience. We can help. From now on, let there be no limit to your career aspirations. Find the right projects to polish the specific skill you are looking for, bulk up your resume, and make real connections by delivering results. With each skill you acquire, with every level you attain… your ambitions get closer to reality.

To the startups, the entrepreneurs
- The Creators

An idea is like a seed. It has great potential but needs many things to grow: funding (or management buy-in), talented resources, market timing, network, marketing etc. Many startups never take off because of a vicious cycle: you need something tangible to get funding, you need resources to build things, but its hard to get resources without the funding in the first place. T4S gives you that impetus to break the cycle. Use free resouces to build out your concept, fine tune your strategy, test it in the market, and use real results to attract investment. Now you have no excuse. The universe awaits… Make that ripple!